School Climate Transformation

Educators have known for years that the climate of the school can either inhibit or enhance a student’s ability to learn. Stakeholders are looking for a positive school environment that is safe and supportive, a campus in which students and staff have positive social relationships with mutual respect, and a climate in which students are engaged, positive, productive, and make responsible decisions.

A growing body of research concerning school climate is being conducted every year, particularly in the examination of how school climate is connected with shared school leadership, bullying prevention, positive youth development, equity, inclusion, social development, and dropout prevention. In depth research findings can be found at School Climate Practice Briefs.

Collaborative Learning Solutions (CLS) works with school sites and districts to implement strategies that engage youth and create a more positive school climate. Below are some of the ways CLS can collaborate with you to create an engaging school climate:

In addition to the Positive Youth Development mentioned above, Collaborative Learning Solutions provides staff with the knowledge and skills needed to improve school climate through professional development offerings such as: 40 Developmental Assets, Building Resiliency and Igniting Sparks to Increase Student Engagement, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness in Education, Restorative Practices, Cultural Responsiveness, Grit & Growth Mindset, and more.

Collaborative Learning Solutions offers several workshops to support principals, counselors, district and county-level administrators in strengthening their leadership skills and emotional intelligence. Please see our LeaderSHIFT Series to learn more about building the leadership skills necessary to lead a successful School Climate Transformation.