PBIS Data Management System

One essential element of a strong MTSS system is the use of data to make decisions (Sugai and Horner, 2004). Office discipline referrals (ODR), suspensions and expulsions are key data points used to (1) develop school-wide intervention plans, and (2) determine which students might require Tier II and/or Tier III interventions. As such, it is imperative for school systems to have an accurate data management system for discipline data.

Collaborative Learning Solutions (CLS) has multiple solutions to address your Data Management needs. Our data management system works with your district’s student system so there is no need for dual entry and there is only one point of entry for discipline data. This minimizes the need for staff to spend time entering and disaggregating discipline data. Though our data management solutions, the discipline data for each school site is extracted from the student information system, disaggregated, and compiled into a dynamic report for teams to review. Our online solution also enables schools to monitor progress on Tier II and Tier III interventions.

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