Products & Services

Consultation and Coaching

CLS employs a team of Consultants who guide district and school site teams through the development and implementation of an integrated MTSS framework. We develop a scope and sequence for district and site capacity. All implementation plans include district consultation, site-based coaching, professional learning, and data-driven decision making.

Integrated Systems of Support

CLS has a solid understanding of implementation research and an impressive track record of large-scale system change. We currently support districts with developing behavior programs, implementing PBIS and MTSS systems, equity and trauma-informed practices and more. Our innovative, integrated approach helps districts maximize positive student outcomes.

Root Cause Analysis

Our CDE-certified technical assistance expert, Dr. Jon Eyler, can assist districts with the root cause analysis and development of a Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) plan to address areas of disproportionality. Over 90% of our clients have dropped the “disproportionality” or “significant disproportionality” designation within two years of contracting with CLS.

Program Evaluation & Development

CLS is committed to challenging the status quo for students with significant social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Nowhere is this more evident, then within our C5 program. C5 is a cognitive-based program designed to enhance the educational and life experiences of students with significant social, emotional and behavioral challenges through cognitive collaboration.

Innovative Curriculum Solutions

In today’s world, well-developed social-emotional skills are essential. Developing these skills can be difficult for students who struggle self-management of their behaviors. CLS is proud to offer innovative curriculum solutions to address your students’ social-emotional needs and provide alternatives to suspension for students with challenging behaviors.

Engaging Professional Learning

Collaborative Learning Solutions provides customized professional development to build capacity in the areas of MTSS, equity, restorative practices, mental health and more. Engaging, experiential and transformative, our professional learning experiences utilize evidence-based practices for teaching adult learners. Let us assist you with your professional development needs.

Equity & Cultural Responsiveness

Educators have long known that the climate of the school can either inhibit or enhance a student’s ability to learn. Stakeholders are looking for a positive school environment that is safe and supportive; a campus in which students and staff have positive social relationships with mutual respect, and ALL students are engaged and supported. We can help make that picture a reality.

Restorative Practices & Supports

Research has long established that punishment and consequences alone will not result in long-term changes in student behavior. Through a Restorative Practices approach, districts and sites can learn how to build healthier communities which focus on improving and repair relationships, reducing problems behaviors and increasing social capital.

Trauma Informed Practices & Supports

Approximately one in four students are impacted by trauma. More than ever, schools need to be “trauma-informed.” CLS can help districts better meet the needs of trauma-impacted students and adults by helping create environments that are relationship-focused, predictable, consistent and safe; places where students feel connected, validated and heard.

School-Based Mental Health

Schools are in a unique position to help support the mental health needs of children. Creating systems that reduce the stigma of mental illness, support the development of social-emotional competencies, and link to community services result in improvements in social and emotional functioning as well as improved academic outcomes.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults learn and apply acquire and effectively use the skills needed to understand and manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and set and achieve goals. CLS is committed to helping districts braid SEL into their school climate initiatives.

Resources for Educators 

From books and white papers about school climate and supporting student mental health to tools for building a positive school climate and enhancing social-emotional learning, CLS offers a variety of resources. Contact our offices for more information. We are here to support your efforts in building positive school environments that improve student outcomes.