The CLS Story

Out of persistent ambition and a relentless pursuit of marginalized youth, Dr. Jon Eyler founded Collaborative Learning Solutions (CLS) in 2010 with the primary goal of changing the life outcomes of youth with emotional and/or behavioral disorders. The vehicle was the implementation of a unique and innovative cognitive-based program based on his scholarship and research at the University of Southern California (USC).

The company launched a unique partnership with a single school district to implement the C5 program for students with a history of behavioral challenges. C5 focuses on developing authentic, positive relationships between staff and students, targeted cognitive skill-development and a shared problem-solving approach. The goal of the initial partnership was to establish the C5 program over a three-year collaboration and build local capacity to transfer ownership of the program back to the district.

Today, CLS partners with multiple agencies throughout California to implement the C5 model, evaluate existing programs specializing in meeting the needs of the most challenging students, and provide professional learning and instructional coaching to program providers. In addition to the C5 program, CLS offers comprehensive and innovative school climate solutions to improve outcomes for ALL students.