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Professional. Experienced.   Ready to Help.

Through partnerships with educational and social service agencies, our team offers years of experience in establishing effective, integrated systems of intervention and support around behavior, mental health, restorative practices, and social-emotional development.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jon Eyler, Ed. D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jon Eyler is a national consultant and speaker on topics of educational psychology and equity. Jon works with executive leadership to implement cohesive systems of support and lead adaptive change around perception and mindset. He has taught and held various leadership positions in K-12 education. Today, Jon is the founder and CEO of Collaborative Learning Solutions.

“Be relentless!”
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Gail Angus, Ed. D.

Executive Director

Dr. Gail Angus has more than 20 years of experience in public education. She has been instrumental in leading large-scale system implementations of multi-tiered system of supports. Gail is one of the primary designers of the Education Monitoring Team (EMT) model, a framework for addressing targeted and intensive needs of students. Currently, Gail is the Executive Director of CLS.

“Creating space for positive change.”
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Steve Hermes

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Hermes brings over 30 years of accounting expertise and financial wisdom to CLS. He was a founding shareholder of Nation, Smith, Hermes, and Diamond in San Diego. He is a founding member of Mission Edge, and  serves on the boards of Mission Edge, the San Diego Public Library Foundation, and Guide Dogs of America. Currently Steve is the CFO of Collaborative Learning Solutions.

“Committed to service.”
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Christine Fonseca, M.S., LEP

Senior Consultant and Creative Director

Christine Fonseca brings over 20 years of experience as a school psychologist. She is an award-winning author, critically acclaimed national speaker and coach. She’s written articles, books, and curriculum for students, parents, and educators related to the social-emotional and mental health needs of children for, Johnson&Johnson, Goalcast and others. Christine is a contributing expert with 

“Explore truth, embrace intensity.”
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Mary Beth Kropp, Ed. D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Mary Beth Kropp has more than 32 years of experience in education as a teacher and site administrator. Mary Beth’s experience as a site leader gives her a great perspective on implementing the systems of MTSS at the District and Site levels. Her passion for the “Whole Child” has helped guide the development and implementation of the CLS MTSS framework through the lens of site leaders. Currently, Mary Beth is a Senior Consultant with CLS.

”Every kid deserves a great school.”
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Micki Singer, J.D.

Senior Consultant

Micki Singer has over 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer, teacher leader, and program director. She specializes in MTSS implementation and is the creator of the Student Justice Center, an innovative peer-operated intervention system aimed at promoting equity through the use of restorative justice in the discipline process. Currently, Micki works as a Senior Consultant with CLS, specializing in equity solutions.

“Social Justice Warrior”
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Kenny McCarthy

Senior Consultant

Kenny McCarthy is a trained special education teacher with expertise in cognitive-based classroom strategies. He provides consultation, coaching, and professional learning services for
educational programs that focus on the needs of students with significant social-emotional and behavioral challenges. Kenny has developed data tools to measure program fidelity and student need identification. Kenny is currently a Senior Consultant with CLS.

“Purpose driven.”
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Dean Lesicko

Senior Consultant

Dean Lesicko brings more than 30 years of experience in public education as a school counselor and district administrator. While in public education, Dean and his team successfully garnered over $3 million in grant funding to help develop two award-winning programs: a district-wide Student Assistance Program, and a district-wide elementary school counseling program. Currently, Dean is a Senior Consultant with CLS.

“Lean in!”
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Debbie Sacks, Ed. D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Debbie Sacks has been in education for over 35 years. She has a passion for improving the lives of at-risk youth by providing professional learning experiences for adults and resources and strategies for students. Debbie has developed SEL on-line courses for student interventions. Debbie is currently a Senior Consultant with CLS and trains in Self Care, Self Compassion, MTSS/PBIS, and New Teacher Coaching.

“Live love.”
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Meet Our Team

Regina Hartman

Business Manager

“Listen and love.”
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Denise Byars

Administrative Assistant

“Kindness matters.”
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Candy Haight

Office Manager

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Nicolette Unzueta

Program Liason

“Gather to learn.”
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Renee Cobb


“Ready and willing to serve.”
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Brandy Cox


“Live with intent.”
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Jeremy Fowler


“Ready to help.”
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Seth Lenz


“Fail forward.”
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Zakiya Holman


“Educating hearts.”
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Will Bennett


“Build to thrive.”
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Kandace Forrester


“Focused on equity.”
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Jessie Fuller


“We need your gifts.”
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Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez


“You matter.”
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Liz Barajas


“Be awesome!”
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Pauline Stahl


“See the invisible.”
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Rowena Mak


“Love to learn.”
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Morgan Lynch


“Be positive!”
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Jennifer Jones

Strive Lead Teacher

“Be strong!”
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Jonathan Grijalva

Strive Co-Teacher

“Super educators impact lives.”
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Alejandra Rivera

Strive Transition Specialist

“Hope changes lives.”
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