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About Us


Collaborative Learning Solutions (CLS) is a comprehensive educational services and consulting firm serving education and social service agencies throughout the nation. The company was founded on the promise of genuine collaboration and partnerships to implement innovative solutions that are effective, efficient and fiscally responsible.

We partner with districts to provide innovative, cognitive-based programming as an alternative to costly nonpublic school and residential placements.

We work with education and social service agencies throughout the nation to build systems of intervention around behavior and discipline, disproportionality, and mental health.

We offer several solutions for analyzing data to reduce rates of suspension, decrease disproportionate outcomes, increase student engagement, and recuperate revenue lost by removal-oriented responses to discipline.

We partner with multiple agencies to offer professional development in the areas of behavior, social-emotional learning, student engagement, school climate, discipline, and equity.

The overarching goal of Collaborative Learning Solutions is to provide a comprehensive set of solutions around discipline, mental health, and equity that are effective in changing the outcomes of traditionally marginalized youth. We are relentless about pursuing student successes, and we are committed to solutions that are both results-driven and fiscally practical for educational and social service agencies.

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Our Story

Out of persistent ambition and a relentless pursuit of marginalized youth, Dr. Jon Eyler founded Collaborative Learning Solutions in 2010 with the primary goal of changing the life outcomes of youth with emotional and/or behavioral disorders. The vehicle was the implementation of a unique and innovative cognitive-based program based on his scholarship and research at the University of Southern California (USC).

The company launched on a unique partnership with a single school district to implement the Collaborative Learning Program for students with a history of behavioral challenges.  The goal of the partnership was to establish the program over a three year collaboration, then transfer ownership to the district following the initial term. Today Collaborative Learning Solutions partners with multiple agencies throughout California to implement the Collaborative Learning Program.

In addition to the implementation of the Collaborative Learning Program, the company provides professional development, training, consultation and data solutions around behavior, mental health, and social emotional learning.

Since its inception in 2010, Collaborative Learning Solutions has grown into a multi-faceted company providing an array of behavioral and mental health services to clients across the nation.