Learning to Self Manage

Learning to Self Manage

Today’s focus: Self Control Song



  • Watch the video
  • Sing along with the video
  • How do you calm yourself when you’re upset
  • Make a poster with some of the lyrics in this song
  • Post your poster and share it on your next on-line class.


  • Watch the video
  • What happens when we don’t have self-control? Can you think of a personal story or a friend’s story where not having self-control made a situation worse?
  • What response did you or your friend have in that situation?
  • What do you do to calm down when you are angry or upset so the situation does not get worse? We call this a calming strategy.
  • Now, take a deep breath in through your mouth…slowly–in for 7 counts and out through your nose…slowly for 8 counts. Repeat 5 more times. Notice how you feel. Do you think taking some breaths before reacting to your anger might help?