Daily SEL Lesson – Growth Mindset 4/13

Daily SEL Lesson – Growth Mindset 4/13

Welcome to the CLS Daily SEL lesson. Each day, Monday through Friday, we will provide a new social-emotional learning lesson designed to build emotional intelligence and resilience. There will be a lesson for elementary students and a lesson for secondary students that include media (videos, audios, or text) and simple step-by-step instructions.

We hope that the lessons are helpful to you and your children.

Weekly Focus: Growth Mindset

Elementary Lesson – The Power of Yet!

Media: Video – 


  • Watch the video.
  • Draw a picture of how you feel when you make mistakes and how you feel when you are successful.
  • Write one sentence that explains “the Power of Yet”

Alternative Assignment:

  • Draw a comic strip about using the “Power of Yet”. What do your characters learn in the story?

Secondary Lesson – Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

Media: Video –


  • Watch the video
  • Identify three disadvantages of a fixed mindset
  • Identify three advantages of a growth mindset
  • Give one example of when you demonstrated a fixed mindset. A growth mindset.
  • List three things you can do to switch to a growth mindset.

Join us tomorrow for another growth mindset lesson!