Daily SEL Lesson – Mindfulness 4/2

Daily SEL Lesson – Mindfulness 4/2

Welcome to the CLS Daily SEL lesson. Each day, Monday through Friday, we will provide a new social-emotional learning lesson designed to build emotional intelligence and resilience. There will be a lesson for elementary students and a lesson for secondary students that include media (videos, audios, or text) and simple step-by-step instructions.

We hope that the lessons are helpful to you and your children.

Weekly Focus: Mindfulness

Elementary Lesson – What is Mindfulness Song

Media: Video – 


  • What did you learn from the video?
  • What is something mindfulness and meditation can do for you?
  • Practice your 4-7-8 breathing.

Secondary Lesson – Mindfulness at Work

Media: Video –


  • After watching the video, answer the questions below:
  • What do you think about the police department using this as a break and then going back to work?
  • How do you think this helps police officers in their job?
  • What makes you feel stress, or frustration and anger?
  • Where could you go when you’re at home to breathe and relax after a stressful situation?

See you tomorrow for our next lesson!